The main field of activity of the company is the production of edged and unedged timber. Since the very beginning of activity in wood industry the company has specialized in production of: roof rafter framings (rafters, beams, patches, wall plates, etc.), joinery timber for furniture factories and door and window frame manufacturing plants, as well as the production of edged and unedged sawn timber.

Our production houses are equipped with vertical and horizontal frame sawing machines. An important feature of our company is that among our highly specialised equipment are automatically controlled edgers and latest machines purchased during International Trade Fair of Woodworking Machines and Tools DREMA 2004. Our developed equipment base allows our company to process nearly 10 000 cu. metres of large-size wood in a year.

We cooperate with leading domestic and foreign contractors. Constant supervision taking advantage of the advanced technology of industrial television enables us to supervise the production process and to monitor the security of our plant. Our customers are provided with professional technical assistance of highly-qualified staff. We guarantee the perfect quality of the goods produced and full satisfaction of the customer who receives a top-quality product. Continuous and systematic development of the company, exceptional reliability, great possibilities offered by our technological base enable us to maintain our undeniably leading position among the sawmills in the region.